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Sleep disturbances and psychiatry are closely related to each other. Though Clinomania is not a sleeping disorder, it carries some symptomatic similarities with some sleep disorders.

Clinomania is considered under the group of anxiety disorder which is characterized by excessive desire to be in the bed.

Is Clinomania a Psychological disorder

Is Clinomania a Psychological Disease

This is a very common Question, asked by many people. The Short and Quick answer is YES, the Clinomania is a Psychological or Mental Disease.

It is also associated with Anxiety and Depression and commonly caused by Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The Actual secret is People with this disorder wake up easily but they do not want to get out of their beds.

This desire has the significant adverse effect on sufferer’s personal, social and occupational life and it also creates distress and disturbances in day to day life functioning.

Why it is a Psychological Disorder

Most of us usually tired or lazy and wants to get some sleep and after wake up we are fresh. But in Clinomanics, they have nothing to do with tiredness, exhaustion or laziness.

They just need to sleep and linked to their bedrooms because of different causes such as anxiety, emotional disturbances, stressful event etc. That why it is considered as Psychological Disorder.

Clinomania and Other Mental Problems

Clinomania or Dysania cause various mental as well as physical problems. Sufferer wants to be alone and because of loneliness he or she became more depressed.

Clinomania also directly interact with anxiety and other mental problems such as Lack of Motivation, negative thinking, development of various phobias and much more.

So, use the effective method to Cure Clinomania as soon as possible. Consume the healthy diet, reduce the consumption of alcohol, quit smoking, do exercise, yoga, do medication (if necessary) and the most important regulate your sleeping routine.

Updated: June 7, 2018 — 10:56 am

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