4 Shocking Causes of Clinomania You Don’t Know

Clinomania is a common psychological disorder, A person finds it difficult to get out of the bed. Victim of this disorder spends their most time in bed and sleeping.

This is usually not normal and we are here to find out the actual causes of this condition.

Check the 4 Shocking Causes of Clinomania Below:

These all the Most common causes and most of the patients experience them. We collect the information from authentic resources. Read these causes carefully …

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Stress and Depression

Stress and Depression is one of the most common causes of Clinomania or Dysania. Depressed people spend most of their time in sleeping. As you know that stress is also associate with depressed.

Depression causes people to feel useless & make them feel that life is not worth living. This makes them feel tired & lethargic. So, Clinomania commonly found in Depressed and Stressed people.


There are many factors that trigger the Clinomania but the most common one is Loneliness. Thousand of people who live alone and do not have many friends and social life tends to suffer from Clinomania.

Lonely people love to spend their most time on beds. Loneliness also causes depression that can also trigger Dysania or Clinomania.


Breakups are another leading factor that can trigger the Clinomania in most people.

The bed is a comforting place and most relationships have a lot of memories there which is why some people spend a lot of time in bed post a breakup.

It also causes depression that why most of the people spend their most time on the beds.

Medical Reason (Research)

In 1860’s, DR, George Beard stated that this is a Neurological Disorder that is called Neurasthenia. He said that Clinomania is Characterized by the fatigue and weakness.

He also said it is an environmental allergy caused by the presence of anemia, by hypoglycemia and yeast infection.

These are the most common causes of Clinomania, Always Read first the causes then start remedies and cures to get rid of this disorder. Keep Visiting …
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