Clinomania | Its Symptoms, Cures and Important Things to Know

clinomaniaDo you need more hours to sleep daily? Are you lazy to wake up in the morning? Do you feel that you will not active after having 8 to 10 hours of sleep? Do you Excessively Desire to Stay in Bed? If all these Queries are with you then you may be suffering from Clinomania.

A Psychological disorder, which is very common and the victim wants to stay in bed as long as possible. Most people think that it is because of tension and stress but all these are just myths.

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First of All, Take a Quick Look on a Definition of Clinomania: 

Clinomania AKA Dysania is a Psychological and Mental Disorder. It is defined as an Excessive desire to stay in bed and an abnormal sleeping pattern. The victim has no control over its sleeping desires.

The Dysania is used to define the condition of Clinomania and the Sufferer of this called Clinomaniac…

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Common Symptoms of Clinomania

Symptoms of Clinomania is not as Clear. Basically, As we all know that Clinomania is a mental disorder, where people extremely obsessed with sleep.

Following are the Few Common Symptoms of Clinomania or Dysania:

  • If you Like to Spend more time in Bed and Love to Associated with bed and sleep then maybe you are Clinomaniac.
  • Sufferer of Clinomania gets stressed and disturbed when their desires to be in the bed are not fulfilled.
  • Victims of this disorder like to be lonely in their bedroom.
  •  A normal person should not sleep more than 8 to 9 hours but the person dealing with Clinomania sleeping more than 12 to 14 Hours.
  • Stress, Worries, Anxiety attacks can trigger their desire to sleep or to stay in bed.
  • People with this disorder do not socialize, they want to stay in their beds as soon as they can.

What Happen When Someone Has Clinomania

When someone suffering from Clinomania, they find difficult to wake up in the morning as well as they want to sleep and close their eyes.

They do not know how to manage time and sleep. If you facing all these symptoms then you may Clinomaniac.

Things to Know when you are Clinomaniac

The Two important things to know about Clinomania because many people believe in these myths and their condition becomes more worst:

Clinomania is not Laziness

People Mistakenly consider Clinomania as Laziness, However, Laziness and Clinomania are two different things.

Clinomania is a Medical Disorder where the victim has no control over his sleeping cycle and desires. While Laziness is a lack of Responsibility and motivation to do things on time.

Clinomania tend to affect all aspects of day to day functioning and causes significant emotional disturbance whereas laziness has a little association with emotions.

Clinomania and Sleep Disorders are not Same

However, Too much sleepiness is a most common sign of Clinomania. But, Clinomania is not a sleeping disorder.

It is categorized under the psychological disorder, where its victims obsessed with the things linked with sleep like bed, pillow, and blankets etc.

While Sleep disorders are different, the most common sleeping disorder is Hypersomnia, where a person sleep at any time on anywhere because of the disturbed sleeping pattern.

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Working Cures of Clinomania

It is commonly known that Clinomania considered as the Mental and Psychological disorder. In this people desire to spend their maximum time on the bed.

However, on the other hand, there are lots of cures and treatments are available to get rid of this creepy condition.

Following are some effective cures & treatments of clinomania to promote the healthy lifestyle.

1: Healthy Diet

Diet is number one to cure any disorder or condition. Same as in Clinomania, we take various foods that may disturb our sleeping routine or pattern.

Always, eat those foods that can increase our energy levels, reduce anxiety and improve our metabolism, that will help to treat clinomania.

clinomania things to avoidAvoid caffeine (Coffee, Tea etc), alcohol, drugs, High-Fat foods, Junk Food like Pizza, Burger, Avoid Carbonated drinks and also avoid unnecessary medicines.

Try to increase your protein and carbohydrate intake. Eat fresh vegetables, fruits and do not eat before going to bed.

2: Medicines

Sometimes you need to take some kind of medications for the treatment of clinomania.

The most common and useful seems to be those that specifically inhibit the reuptake of serotonin, such as SSRIs or the clomipramine.

Some Anti-depressants drugs are also used and helpful in Clinomania. All these drugs help to regulate your sleep system and reduce the fatigue and tiredness effect.

3: Lifestyle Changing

Healthy lifestyle plays a vital role while dealing with Clinomania.

Excessive use of Mobile Devices, Internet, multimedia devices etc at night may disturb your sleep cycle.

Avoid all these things and try to exercise daily, do yoga, eat on time and sleep properly, that will help you to prevent Clinomania Symptoms.

4: Effective Therapies

Several Psychological Therapies may help you to get good sleep.

Such As Listening favorite (soft) Music, Do Yoga, meditation etc.

All these therapies may help you to maintain your desired behaviors and reduce tiredness, stress, and anxiety. Psychological Therapies are beneficial tools while suffering Clinomania.

Final Words

So, We hope that you thoroughly read out the Article. We are trying to help those who are really worried regarding this Problem.

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